Jarmite Car Rentals

Specialists in Long Term Car Rental

No Credit Scoring

With access to a huge range of new and used vehicles we have something to suit you, whatever your budget or credit history.

Benefits of long term rental include:
– Flexibility: Not tied to a multi-year finance or lease agreement
– Peace of mind: No need to worry about maintenance or repair costs
– Update / renew your vehicle regularly
– No road tax costs
– No credit scoring: 95% of applicants are approved

Prices start from £46 a week

All prices include road tax, and as the car is rented you are not responsible for any of the servicing or maintenance costs, making it easier to budget than if you owned your own vehicle. 

All vehicles are given a pre-delivery check and include a warranty and breakdown cover for added peace of mind.

We can accept applicants with the following
– CCJs
– Current IVAs
– Debt Management Plans
– Ex-Bankruptcy


95% of applications are approved

New and used cars available

Prices start from £200 a month
(That’s £6.37 a day)

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