Multimac – An Alternative to a People Carrier!

We get lots of enquiries from people looking for a bigger car to accommodate their growing family – something you may not have realised however is that you don’t always need to change your car.

In this article, Newcastle based financial adviser, Emma Prince describes her family’s experience of the Multimac system. 

When we found out that we were expecting our third baby, after our initial elation (and slight surprise!)  – our thoughts soon turned to the practical aspects of our new addition, in particular fitting everyone into one car.

At the time we owned a Ford Mondeo Hatchback. Our two children were four years old and two years old and after testing with a spare baby seat, we found (unsurprisingly) we were unable to fit three car seats across the back row. To fit three children in the car, it would mean putting one child in the front. This wasn’t ideal as even when putting the eldest in the front with the biggest seat, it left little room for an adult in the back between the other two children. I trialled it and although it was ok for short distances, I found that for any long or bumpy journeys, the hard plastic from the edge of the car seats compressed into the sides of my body! In addition, putting the eldest in the front, although legal, didn’t feel as safe as if they were in the back.

So, we hit the internet looking at what other families of five had considered. A few cars were mentioned such as Ford S-Max, or a Volvo XC90, but nothing really took our fancy. It was either too large (hard to park – one of my struggles in life!), too expensive, or both. We were in the midst of a major house extension at the time (we don’t do things by halves), and we needed to make sure that whatever we purchased was great value as we didn’t want to overspend or make a wrong decision.

We then came across the Multimac. This is a smart looking car seat that can seat up to four children in a row. The Multimac fixes to the back row seats of any car, taking less space than individual car seats and provides the option for three or four children to sit alongside each other. The seats can adapt as your child grows by changing the headrests and harnesses. The seats on each end of the Multimac can even be used for adults using a normal seatbelt.

We were interested straight away as it seemed like an ideal solution for us. We could keep the Mondeo and if we later upgraded to another car in the future, we could still use the seat.

At first, looking at the prices it seemed expensive, however, it’s a unique solution and the only one of its kind.  It became available to market following rigorous safety testing.  If you consider how much you would pay for future car seats for your children, as well as the savings you may make from buying a new car, then it can be a good buy.

The website is informative and the customer service exceptional. We spoke to the team and discussed our potential purchase in more detail. They helped us in deciding which version of the Multimac was best for us, and even offered the option to trial the product prior to purchase. We selected the four-seater for our Mondeo as opposed to the three-seater to allow for the flexibility if we wanted to transport an extra child and also provide a space to place items for long journeys. This meant that our five-seater Mondeo, could now seat six people.

When we received the product, we installed it ourselves and have been very happy with it. There were only a couple of downsides that we found. Firstly, although you can use the end seats for adults, it’s only suitable if you have a high roof. When I sat on it (I’m 5ft 6) my head was touching the top of the car and therefore uncomfortable for any significant journey. Secondly, once the seat is fixed, it’s not straightforward to remove it like standard car seats – so if you regularly fold down your back seats or take multiple adults on journeys, then it may cause some issues. We were fine with this however, since we only used the Mondeo as a family car.

We’ve had our Multimac seat now for over two years and it still looks as good as new.  Last year, we upgraded our car to a Mercedes E class and transferred the Multimac by changing the bolts used, which we purchased through the website.

In summary, if you are looking at options for multiple children in one car, I would definitely recommend that you give the Multimac some consideration. Our children have loved the seats and we have only had positive experiences from the product.

Written by Emma Prince who is a Financial Adviser based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Emma can support you in any area of planning from arranging mortgages, to ensuring you achieve your retirement goals.  To contact Emma for a no obligation conversation please call on 07425608138.

Please note this article has been written and published independently from Multimac.