Why buy when you can rent?

New and used vehicles available – including prestige brands

Long term car rental is a serious alternative for people who don’t want to commit to a long term lease or car finance agreement.

Flexible agreements
Change car regularly

No road tax 
No servicing costs

No credit scoring
95% approval rate

Benefits of Long Term Rental:

– Flexibility: Not tied to a multi-year finance or lease agreement

– Peace of mind: No need to worry about maintenance or repair costs

– Update / renew your vehicle regularly

– No road tax costs

– No credit scoring: Over 90% of applicants are approved

Prices for new vehicles start from £70 a week (equivalent to £10 a day)

Sample Vehicles

All prices include delivery

Brand new Vauxhall Corsa
VX Line Nav

£300 a month

£900 upfront


Brand new Kia Sportage
GT Line

£430 a month

£1,250 upfront


Brand new Mercedes GLA
200 AMG Line

£590 a month

£1,650 upfront

Brand new BMW 320i

£750 a month

£2,050 upfront