Refused Car Finance?

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We specialise in long term car hire and many of our customers have been refused car finance.
We do not credit score, but as part of the application process we simply check if you can afford the monthly rental payments. 
We can accept applications with the following:
– County Court Judgements (CCJs) 
– Current Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs)
– Debt Management Plans 
– Ex Bankruptcy
With access to a huge range of vehicles we have something to suit you, whatever your budget, with prices starting from £45 a week. 
All prices include road tax, and as the car is rented you are not responsible for any of the servicing or maintenance costs, making it easier to budget than if you owned your own vehicle. All vehicles are given a pre-delivery check and include a warranty and breakdown cover for added peace of mind. 


If you’re based in North East England then contact us now or request a call back.
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Applications approved

We ACCEPT Applicants with CCJs, IVAs, Debt Management Plans and Ex-Bankruptcy


Please Note: The Cooper Car Corporation is the North East Franchisee of Jarmite Car Rentals.

Thank you Jarmite for all your help. I had been struggling finding a car on finance and when I found out that you did not credit score and as long as I could prove I could afford the repayments then I jumped at the chance to get a nice car. EXCELLENT SERVICE.
Andrea B
Brilliant service from all staff at Jarmite car hire. Highly recommend.
Natalie G
I needed a car quickly and didn't want to finance a vehicle so I came across Jarmite online, staff very friendly and sorted me out. A big thank you.
Andrew G


Below is a selection of commonly asked questions about our long term car rental services. 
If you cannot find the information you need please contact us.

With long term rental there are no long-term financial commitments. The price includes road tax, maintenance costs and any MOT needed. All vehicles are pre-checked. 

JamJar is a rental vehicle business enabling those with credit issues and those that have applied for finance and have been unsuccessful to enjoy the benefits of having a vehicle, but on a rental basis rather than committing yourself to a long-term financial burden.

JamJar Car Rentals (North East) is the North East England franchise of JamJar Car Rentals.

Initially you’re signing up for an upto three month rental term.

However you can cancel at any time giving a month’s notice. It is also possible to extend the term, but the car must be returned after twelve months.

Yes. Our rental agreement is flexible and if you no longer require the vehicle or your circumstances change you just need to give us one month’s notice and return the vehicle. 

All you need to do is pay the monthly rental costs and ensure the vehicle is always covered by fully comprehensive insurance.

If you incur any fines, speeding tickets, parking tickets or similar, then you will be responsible for the costs. If the relevant authority contacts us as the owner of the vehicle then we will usually charge you an administration fee to cover our time in dealing with the incident. 

With a rental vehicle, the rental company takes care of any servicing and repair costs. We also pay for road tax on the vehicle. If the vehicle needs an MOT this will be done at no cost to you. for you, so you never need to worry.

You will be responsible for routine service, tyres, fluids and brake materials – however all vehicles will be fully checked and inspected prior to collection or delivery.

You are obligated to pay us each month, but we know that sometimes a loss of job or other serious issue can affect your financial budget. If that should happen, you need to tell us immediately, so that we can help.

Remember you can cancel your rental agreement with just one month’s notice.

No. We disclose to you all information about every cost involved, so that you are clear about the rental costs and what you are paying.

Yes. If you cannot collect from us, we will happily arrange for delivery to a location of your choice.

A delivery charge may apply. Please speak to us for details.

You will be asked to pay an initial application amount; this amount is refundable if for any reason the rental does not proceed.

You will be required to pay a facility fee in advance of collection or delivery of the vehicle, this facility fee is not an advance rental payment, you will be required to pay the facility fee plus the additional monthly payments over the course of your agreement.

You will be required to pay rentals of the amounts and at the intervals specified on the rental agreement. Such payments will usually be made by bank standing order unless otherwise agreed.

Failure to make rental payments as due may result in the rental being terminated and the vehicle recovered. This will result in additional costs to you.

A number of our vehicles are used vehicles and whilst we use our best endeavours to ensure the vehicle is fault free you will in entering into the rental agreement on the understanding that faults may occur.

Our vehicles will come with a new MOT and will be covered by a comprehensive warranty and breakdown package provided by an external provider.

Our vehicles are taxed by us.

There is a maximum annual mileage limit, should you be exceeding this on a monthly pro-rate basis we will charge you additional amounts for the extra mileage.

We are not responsible for providing or paying for an alternative vehicle during any period the vehicle cannot be used for whatever reason, if we do provide an alternative vehicle you acknowledge that we are not under any liability to do so nor to provide any particular type or size of vehicle.

Should the vehicle be unusable because of a fault not covered by warranty, and only if we have not provided a replacement vehicle, we will not charge you rental for the days the vehicle is unusable.

We are not responsible for indirect losses which occur, and which are not foreseeable by you and us (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).

You are responsible for insuring the vehicle with fully comprehensive cover and must indemnify us against any loss we incur which is not covered by your insurer.

In the event that the vehicle is not insured we have the right to terminate the rental agreement and recover the vehicle which may result in additional costs to you.

You are responsible for standard servicing and wear and tear items such as tyres, brake materials and oil and fluids.

If you return the vehicle with damage or requiring substantial cleaning, you will be responsible for the costs of returning the vehicle to its pre-rental condition.

You will be responsible for all parking offences, speeding offences, tolls, congestion charges and similar penalties and should ensure you deal with all such matters promptly. We will apply administration charges for any of these which we have to deal with on your behalf and will additionally pass your details to the relevant organisations or authorities.

All vehicles are fitted with a telematics device which can track the vehicles movements, speeds and mileage including locations where the vehicle is parked.

This information can beused to locate the vehicle, to assess mileage in accordance with the mileage limit, and to monitor for excessive speed contrary to law. In the event of theft, we will be able to locate the vehicle for the Police.